Subset of Vault access for Emergency

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Subset of Vault access for Emergency

Subset of Vault access for Emergency

Currently, the emergency access provides access to the whole Vault. Which is quite intimidating without the ability to choose a subset of all the items in the vault. 

I think that there is room to refine options for this feature. I'm looking at it from the point of view that if pass away my family has access to all key information (e.g. financial accounts), but then there are other note or accounts that I would prefer just to keep private. The fact that it's currently forced to all or nothing, it feels too much.


It'd be great if there are two options:

* full access, as it is now.  If you don't want to curate it, it's super easy.

* subset of items, where you can indicate which ones can be shared. I know it gets more complex on how to display such curated list, the potential of having multiple list, but I think it'd be worth as a desirable premium feature.

New Contributor

Completely agree! I was just about to submit this request but then found that it existed already.

I would also love that feature: As a user I want to be able to decide which item should be shared in case of emergency access.

New Member

I would say this is one of the most important future upgrades. Totally agree!
Any ideia if is this on the roadmap?

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Totally Agree, this is a required feature. Any updates?