Support for multiple usernames

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Support for multiple usernames

Support for multiple usernames

Many sites allow you to log in with either your email address or username. To do this in LastPass, you have to create two separate entries, one with your username and another with your email address. This causes the two entries to show up in your Security Dashboard under reused passwords. It would be nice to have the option to either link the two entries so that they don't appear as resued... or, better yet, to have the ability to create a single entry that gives you the option to save both the username and email address and then chose between the two when auto-filling your login information. 

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I wan't the same problem to be solved. Additionally, to solve a similar issue, is to allow multiple URLs.

An alternative way to solve this problem would be the possibility to connect to passwort entries to each other. When they are connected, it is allowed to have the same password.

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I have also some of those sites. I just the site with one login I prefer. Username or mail. 

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Yes, being able to tie multiple usernames to the same login authority would be helpful.  In my case, it's username@domain or just username.  Both are tied to the same authentication source.


@Darnia - You might be able to solve your second request using the Equivalent Domains option under Account Settings.



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Better yet, for sites that permit two user IDs for a single password, just keep your preferred version in LastPass, with a notation in the Notes field describing the equivalent user ID.