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Track social logins

Track social logins

Along with last pass, I use social logins for several websites. It is often difficult to remember which social login I have used for which website. Since LastPass can see which website I'm on anyway, I've started saving a username for these website with the platform (e.g., *Facebook*) as the username with no password. Although this is a perfectly functional solution, I think this is also an opportunity for LastPass to add a fairly simple option to remember which social media login is used for which site as a feature of the app.

New Contributor

I couldn't agree more. I came here to post this exact suggestion. While registering on a new website, I typically prefer to just use a site specific account for the exact reason that it's easier to track in LastPass. If they added a feature to track which social login you used for a site, that would be really useful.


Good suggestion to set the username for the site to the name of the social login.

New Contributor

I see that after 2 years there is still no built-in solution for keeping track of which social login I used.

Thanks for the suggestion about creating the website with username as the social to use.

SInce now what I did was to store the sites in a note. One note per social. But your workaround looks better.