Updating Multiple 'Site' Logins at the Same Time

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Updating Multiple 'Site' Logins at the Same Time

Updating Multiple 'Site' Logins at the Same Time

The short and sweet suggestion:


When updating a username/password for a site and LastPass identifies more than one potential match in the drop down menu that asks you if you want to update; allow users to select multiple potential matches and update the username/password for all of those sites.


The Detailed Suggestion:


There are a couple of sites I use that LastPass has trouble identifying as the same same site and stores them as separate username/password combinations even though they are the same (this primarily occurs for my company's sites).   Often when I go to sign into a page/application/etc for that site I am met with several sign in options and have to pick one to sign in and hope that the username/password is correct. 


This is usually not a problem as even if there are multiple options, the username and password saved are usually the same.   The issue comes into play for sites that require me to update my password (like my company).  When I update my password LastPass is pretty good about identifying several different username/passwords that it thinks might need to updated, but it only allows me to update one of them.  Then the next time I go to sign into one of the sites/applications LastPass again correctly identifies several sign in options it thinks tie to the site/application, but only one of them has the correct password.


I realize that the best way to handle this is to have LastPass identify those sites as the same in the first place, but I have been unable to get it to do that successfully.  I have also tried using the 'equivalent site' without much luck.   Adding the ability to update multiple sites at once when changing a password seems like a relatively easy way as a workaround to this issue.



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I would rather like to have the ability to add multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault.

The reason:

You have one account but my have the same login on their homepage, on a supportpage (that uses a different URL) or their mobile app.

Since this s the same account I refuse to generate multiple entries.

The issue:

Autofill does only work with one URL today so I have to search manually in LastPass for the correct password again and again and that is very annoying.

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+1 to @ingoeichel's comment to "have the ability to add multiple URLs to one entry in LastPass Vault."


Simple example of this: www.verizonwireless.com and www.verizon.com

They both use the same login creds, but, depending on which page you clicked the link to log in, it prompts for login info from a verizon.com or a verizonwireless.com login page.

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+1 to @ingoeichel and @mwilke01 : rather than making it easier to do things wrong, they should add the ability to do this right (add multiple URLs to a single entry, rather than the ability to change multiple entries that shouldn't have been separate to begin with.)

(In other words, I realize you acknowledged that it "should" recognize equivalent/same sites, then suggest adding this as a way to work around the fact that you haven't been able to get that to work, since it's broken.. but I prefer they fix what's broken.)

However, there is an exact opposite problem that does occur once in a while and is almost as annoying, now that you bring this up: there are times when LastPass thinks two different sites are the same, and saves their logins as "different usernames" that all show up in the same list.  That's mostly only relevant in my home environment, where I may have 6 different services running on different ports at the same URL, and often might re-use "root" or "admin" with different random passwords, at least initially...  So really, both joining and differentiating LastPass "sites" should be easier.

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I would like to upvote the original post  Shogungts as I have the exact same issue at my company.

I have serval usernames with the same password on the same website.  So imagine all are on company.com

page A requests a username

Page B requests a domain/username

Page C requests my email 

All are the same company.com (domain) and use the same password, but because they have different usernames, each is a different entry.

So when I visit the password reset page, Last pass will identify all 3 of the accounts and request I update 1 of them, but will not allow me to check the box next to more than one of them.  This appears to me an easy fix.  Just allow me to check the box next to all 3 and update the password for all 3.


Appears to me the other commenters are suggesting using equivalent domains, which already exists.