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Vaccination Template

Vaccination Template

In this modern world with COVID, SARS, flu and many more infection concerns, having a ready reference of one’s vaccination records at hand is becoming of utmost importance. LastPass has Driver’s License and Social Security Number categories/templates. Please add a vaccinations category/template.
New Member

I'm certain the LastPass app at one point gave me a notification about adding my COVID vaccine card - which I told to remind me later since I wasn't in a position to complete it at that moment. But then I never got re-reminded and don't see anything about vaccines in vault items. I will probably just attach a photo/scan of the card to a generic note.

New Member

I too got the notice and asked it to remind me later, never got another reminder and cannot find any reference to it in LP anymore.

I added a Note with photos but when the vax cards are needed, getting to photo attachments in a Note is very inconvenient, requiring too many clicks/taps, etc. to navigate to it.


LastPass, in order to be/remain competitive in its field, really should add an easy and quickly accessible path to a vax card item. They are missing a large opportunity and we're missing a needed feature while this gap exists.


I second RFAcres and rjp1111's request for this, LastPass team.

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I came here to recommend this feature.   I have never received a notification for this but would love to have my vaccination status on here.   Where I live we have our health district vaccination proof, provincial vaccination passport, and a federal vaccination passport.  So a way to scan my vaccination and add all my details would be amazing!