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View, not edit, secure note

View, not edit, secure note

I would like the option to view my notes. Currently, I only see the option edit, share, or delete them. In most cases, I would like to view the information without the chance of accidentally editing the note. Am I missing this?



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On some platforms there is a View option for some kind of records, but not on all platforms. On ALL platforms and for ALL types of records there should be a View option that lets us view all fields and also to select specific text from any notes field, or other field, and copy it. Currently on some or all platforms you must copy the entire notes field to get a small part of the notes.

Any View display should have an Edit button if you then decide you want to change the record.

In general never force us to Edit a record when all we want is to view it and get some text from it.

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I subscribed to this forum (on recommendation from Lastpass support) to create this exact feature request. 


The concept of "secure note" is great, but there should be a way to easily VIEW secure notes without having to edit and potentially alter your note. 


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from support today...  good to know about mobile apps and future plans for desktop platform


Sent: Saturday, July 2, 2022 3:27:11 PM
Subject: Support - 17532829


Hello again ..,
I hope this email finds you well and thank you for the link provided.

I will be adding this link to the Feature Request that was created to push this request for review.
I would like to add that the "view" option for secure notes without clicking edit is available in our LastPass Mobile Application.  But I will ensure this option is consistently available across all our platforms.



Having "edit" as the only way to "view" secure notes should  be updated so there are separate Edit and View options.  Notes is where many of us keep passwords for terminal logins to devices and the possibility of changing or deleting something every time the note is opened is a risk that can be eliminated with a View option in Notes.