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Wild card URL Rules

Wild card URL Rules

Hi Team,

We've got a lot of our client websites hosted on subdomains. *.mydomain.co.uk 

URL matching doesn't work properly while fetching passwords for these sites. As I believe it's treated on the basis of the domain.

I also found that there's a setting available for us to set URL Rules. But manually adding 100s of our website is bit time-consuming. As there are many more additions in future as well.

Is there any way we can do bulk import for the URL Rules or adding wildcard matching like *.mydomain.co.uk  within URL Rules?

New Member

great idea I also miss this feature when using a lot of different development sites under one parent domain

Active Contributor

This would also help job seekers who have to visit tons of Workday sites, since it's unrealistic for a job seeker to get a full list of every Workday site they will need to visit and create a new login for.