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iOS master pw options

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iOS master pw options

I’m curious why you even ask for account recovery email if you can’t send a reset link to the original email…


•1- Why not have an option to receive a text verification code in order to retrieve master pw on mobile devices?

•2- Why hv an email for “account recovery” if we can’t recover the account at that email to begin with unless we have the master password? Seems silly

•3- we need an option to export all our passwords into a file on the mobile device app

•4- While you’re logged into the app you should be able to view the master password in your settings.


Any of those 4 would solve my current problem of being able to access the app in the OLD phone but being unable to install on new one phone since I don’t know my master password!


This is a real problem with new devices especially since you don’t allow two devices per account. I am unable to view the master password or change it without typing it in.