"Improved Save and Fill" - Off by Default

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"Improved Save and Fill" - Off by Default

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"Improved Save and Fill" - Off by Default

I really love LastPass and will continue to use this password manager for a long time, however, I just can't get behind the "Improved Save and Fill" feature.

Today, for some strange reason, the feature was turned on my Brave browser and I wasn't able to disable it. I dislike it so much that I immediately contacted LastPass Support (Shiloh) who thankfully guided me through resetting my LastPass and I was able to disable it again.

I love the way LastPass works without the "Improved Save and Fill" turned on. It's clean, elegant and auto-fill works as it should. With it turned on, it's clunky, has a terrible UI and in my opinion just gives LastPass a bad name.

I want to ensure that the "Improved Save and Fill" never becomes the default behaviour and that users will always have the ability to turn it off. I'm happy with my current experience and have no need for "Improved Save and Fill".

Thank you for the great product.

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I agree 100%.

In addition to being useless, it is a total nuisance.    I open the Vault, go to Advanced Options and turn it off.  It remains off for a while, then it turns itself on again.