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New Contributor

Account recovery using biometric on IOS stuck

I am using LastPass on my mobile iPhone with biometric and l can’t remember my master password even with the hint. So I tried recovering my account using biometric. The biometric is accepted and it remain on the window « Your account is being recovered…. We’re gathering your info, please don’t leave or close the apps ».

I even tried reinstalling the app and updating iOS. The result remain the same. It doesn’t go through!

What can I do to pass that step? Would support be able to help with this?

I am open to suggestions to avoid resetting my account and loosing all my passwords.
LastPass Contributor

Re: Account recovery using biometric on IOS stuck

Hi @Croteau32 - thank you for the feedback and sorry for the frustration. If mobile account recovery is not working, you may want to try one of our other recovery options. These are outlined here:

Let me know if this helps!

New Contributor

Re: Account recovery using biometric on IOS stuck

Same problem here. No other options besides biometrics, as I haven't used the service for years, and switched computers since. I only want to get a list of the websites where I need to change passwords because of the breach, but there is no way to contact support, therefore no way to recover my vault. It's a joke that whoever has the leaked data, could know more about my account than I can, because you're not willing to help.