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Android App Frequently Reprompts for Master Password

I use the android LastPass app. When I turn on "Lock when screen is turned off", when my screen turns off LastPass logs me out instead of merely asking for my PIN. I have disabled this option because typing my master password on my phone and then performing 2FA takes a lot of effort.

Additionally, I used to get 2 different "autofill" prompts when I logged into a website. One of them worked, but if I accidentally clicked the other one I would get logged out. The lastpass settings suggest that I enable both "Android Oreo autofill" and "Legacy autofill", which causes the two different autofill prompts. The problematic one is the Android Oreo autofill prompt. If I disable Android Oreo Autofill, the box that would cause a log-out no longer appears.

Here's an example screenshot:

For now I will operate with those two features (Lock when screen is turned off and Android Oreo autofill) disabled, but it is very confusing that these settings would cause me to be logged out, since there's nothing in their description that would indicate that.

My other security settings are as follows:
Remember master password: NO
Lock lastpass automatically: YES (company policy enforced)
Lock when app is idle: 1 minute
Lock when screen is turned off: NO (Causes Problems!)
biometrics: no
Skip Item reprompt after log in: 20 minutes (No idea what this does)
Log out when app is idle: 120 minutes (company policy enforced)
screenshots: no
offline: yes
clear clipboard history: no
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Re: Android App Frequently Reprompts for Master Password

After logging in to the Android App, tap the three horizontal bars, top left. 

Choose Settings, then choose Security.

Here you can change the timeout settings, and you can also specify re-prompt settings.


"Skip Item reprompt after log in" - This is what re-prompts you for your password.  Longer is better for you.


I believe this will address your issue.







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Re: Android App Frequently Reprompts for Master Password

When I go to Security on my Samsung Android phone, I have none of those options you show when I select Security from the three bars on the top left.  Only 4 choices, Generate a strong new pwd button, a Emergency Access button, a Security Challenge button and Security Dashboard button.  

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Re: Android App Frequently Reprompts for Master Password

Never mind, I found what you were talking about