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Android LP APP No Longer Opens after Credentials Entered

I have been using LastPass on both my Android Mobile and a Desktop PC Flawlessly for some time now, but today I could not open LP on my Mobile... Repeated attempts failed. I went ahead and Uninstalled LP on the Mobile, then Re-installed it... Twice....  Each Time I cannot get past Credential sign in. At the point it does ask for it to be restored, I get an error message that my credential is not good. Huh? It continues to work on the PC..... ARRRRRGGGHHHH!


Any help is appreciated.....

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Re: Android LP APP No Longer Opens after Credentials Entered



To be sure I understand the issue you're running in to, are you getting an error when putting your LastPass credentials in to the LastPass Password Manager app or when signing in to the LastPass Authenticator app? If so, could you post a screenshot or give more details about the error you are seeing when trying to sign in?

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