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Android: Login window freaks out and won't let me input digits

When I try to login to some apps, the LastPass AutoFill Window shows up instantly, and it prevents me from inputting the four digit pin code.
I've tried to change settings so that the fill window don't show up in those apps, but it doesn't work.
The error is shown in this video.

This is on my Samsung Galaxy Note9 running Android 10.

Please advise and help.
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi @DipperDK,


Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then reinstalling and testing again to see if it fixes this issue? You may need to go through the LastPass App settings to tell LastPass not to autofill in those certain apps again after reinstalling.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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