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Android app: Unable to login in with Euro-currency-symbol in masterpassword

With a new forum, I'm going to give LP support a change, seeing how they've actually responded to user comments on the new board in the last couple of days.

The Android LastPass app has an annoying bug that has gone unfixed for a couple of years already: The your LastPass masterpassword uses the Euro-currency symbol (€), you're unable to insert the symbol during login to the app</strong>, as the symbol just isn't available to the onscreen keyboard on Samsung Android devices. You have to first go into a different app (a mail or note taking app for example), enter the Euro-symbol there and than copy and paste the symbol back into the login field of the LP app.


It looks to me, like the Android app is not using the proper UNICODE type values that allows all of the different type characters available around the world. This can also be seen, as the for example error message display in German in the Android app is missing German custom symbols (like the "Umlaute" ä, ö, or ü) and instead is displaying them as the placeholder symbol (square with a question markt inside).


Even worse, you can't use the "remember password" option of the LP app. The next time you try to login to the LP app, the saved masterpassword is missing the Euro-symbol, resulting in a login error, since the masterpassword is short one symbol.  This problem apparently only affects the Android clients however, as I can login with my masterpassword that contains a Euro-symbol on iOS, macOS and Windows without any issues.  I've already raised the following issue multiple times with LP support, but they've either failed to understand the technical underpinnings of the problem or simply ignored my requests.