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Android app - cannot select site from filtered list

I have been having a problem for a few months on Samsung S8+ (Android 8.0) where I type in a few letters of a site name to filter the result list from my vault. When I tap on the desired item, nothing happens i.e I don't visit geekfell get a menu of operations popping up.

If the list is not filtered and I scroll down to the item, then there is no problem.

The problem doesn't happen all the time, but certainly 4 times in 5.

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I've the same problem and it is pretty annoying. It works occasionally and not sure why it does.

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Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, and reinstalling the app to see if it resolves the issue with the selected site not properly being filled from a filtered list? 

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Facing the same issue with MyGiftCardSite, but they told me that it will be solved in the next update 

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I had this problem around the time of this thread being raised, and still have it now.


One variation in my experience is that my workaround is to cancel the search and enter it again, after which it will then work.  I still do get the problem with  3/4 initial attempts though.


VERY annoying!


I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S10 (up to Android 12), but am pretty sure I saw it back then on a Galaxy S9.


Others still seeing this?