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App Login on iOS?

Hello - have an iPhone XS and really like the lastpass app, but would like to find out if I can use it to store other app login information. Currently I'm only utilizing it for websites, but would be great to use for my apps that don't have face recognition. If I can, please advise how.... Thanks!

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Re: IOS app - can you add app login info?


I'm with you. I'm on an Android but I want to login to apps using LastPass too!
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Re: IOS app - can you add app login info?



In-App Autofill is supported as long as your device is updated to at least iOS 12. You do also need to enable LastPass to autofill for you following these instructions:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Passwords
  • Tap Autofill Passwords
  • Turn the toggle on to Autofill Passwords
  • Select LastPass from list
  • Unselect Keychain

Now when you visit apps and sites, your usernames and passwords stored in your LastPass vault will be suggested as an option to autofill in the bar above the keyboard. If you don't see the bar above the keyboard which suggests your app password, the app may not support using LastPass autofill as not all apps do support this feature.

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