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New Contributor

App suddenly stopped working

1. Could not login to app via masterpassword. It says check email or my login details. Email says I'm logging in from unrecognised device though I didnt change devices. I clicked on its my device button, it says link expired. No option to login via fingerprint suddenly.
2. Changed masterpassword. Got confirmation email. Tried to login again using new password still can't. Went to the website and tried both old and new password still can't login.
3. Went to the app and tried resetting masterpassword one more time. Now it says my email not supported.

What is going on???
Active Contributor

Re: App suddenly stopped working

Hi, have you received any feedback from support? Try to relogin via the website, gou g through the necessary recovery. However, here's hoping you are able to relogin, as soon as you do, backup/export you data elsewhere. As you can see from this community lastpass are not doing much, if anything to support freemium users. Good luck
New Contributor

Re: App suddenly stopped working

I've has premium literally since it came out. I feel I'm going to have to switch. Couldn't log in with the password I'm sure was correct, did the biometric recovery then changed the password now this new password won't work. Account literally lost, really upset

LastPass Contributor

Re: App suddenly stopped working

Hi, sorry for the frustration. Verification emails are sent when the email and master password are correct, but we do not recognize the device or IP address you are signing in from. Please refer here for more information:

Once you verify that it is you signing into the account, you should be able to log in with your new credentials.