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New Contributor

Are there any special conditions I need to be aware of when using LastPass Authenticator with others

I've been using Microsoft Authenticator app because I am required to for work. And I have my LastPass password in my Microsoft Authenticator. So, I won't be giving Microsoft authorization up. 


However, I have a need to save my credentials for my two GitHub accounts in an MFA app. It's my understanding that Microsoft Authenticator will only save one MFA for GitHub account, so I thought I'd install LastPass Authenticator so I could save the other GitHub account using MFA, in the LastPass Authenticator.  But I am not sure if I must save my credentials for my LastPass account in LastPass Authenticator. Is it OK if I leave my credentials for my LassPass account in Microsoft Authenticator, and use that for authenticating into LassPass? Or must I transfer my LastPass credentials into the LassPass Authenticator app?