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Auto fill doesn’t work for MyGMC app (Android)

When I try to use the LastPass auto fill feature on the MyGMC app, as soon as I pick the account to log into the MyGMC app flashes and then immediately comes back to the login screen. I can never get the auto fill feature to work with this app.


My phone, LastPass and MyGMC apps are all updated to the latest versions. I even uninstalled MyGMC and reinstalled.


I end up using the LastPass “Copy password” option to paste the password into the MyGMC app, but still that does the same behavior of flashing the screen and returning to the login screen. The trick, I’ve learned, is to paste the password and then manually add an extra character to both the username and password fields. Then I have to remove the extra characters before logging in. All these steps to login, makes the entire process way too long and complicated.

I think the MyGMC app requires some manual key strokes before allowing a login.


Is anyone else having the same issue as I am with the MyGMC app or other app where you are required to manually enter login credentials?


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Re: Auto fill doesn’t work for MyGMC app (Android)

The problem is LastPass doesn't support Android 11 autofill. This is how Autofill on iOS has worked for years and why it's so reliable. Instead they're relying on Android 8 Oreo API for autofill with the dropdowns which sometimes works and other times does not. It seems that turning off autofill and re-enabling autofill seems to get it to work again which leads me to believe some system level service gets killed off by the memory manager over time. This leads to a super subpar experience.


Meanwhile, while competitors like 1Password and Bitwarden rushed to embrace autofill in the 2nd half of 2020, LastPass stayed stagnant. It is now 2022, 2 years since Android 11's API were made available to developers, and they still don't have the same feature.


For those of you willing to jump ship just look at how much better this autofill is. It works reliably and pops up all the time with password fields.