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Autofills password in username field in PNC Mobile App

I'm using LastPass on Android, and using the LastPass app to autofill my password in the PNC Bank Mobile App. Even though I fill out the username by myself, and only need to use LastPass for the password field, the LastPass app fills out information over the username I just typed - but it fills out the password, not the username. This didn't always happen but happened I think with an update to the PNC app.

Is there a way the LastPass app could be changed to skip over a username field that has already been filled out?

Even better, is there a way it could be changed to correctly recognize the new way they're storing the username in the PNC app?

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New Contributor

I am having the same issue with my credit union app login, where LastPass fills the password in the username field, and the username in the password field. The login is entered correctly in the vault, and it works correctly on my credit union website login. And also for me, it used to work fine in the app but now does not. I don't know how to reverse it.

Maybe worth noting that I have a personal and a business account at this credit union, which have two separate logins, and the swapped username/password problem happens with both.

The credit union is local, and I'm sure they use a third party online banking app, but I can't find any info about it, other than a version number: 2021.11.00.

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Ditto here.  For months now, everytime I use the PNC App, Lastpass fills in the password rather than the User ID. I have experienced this on the android PNC app.  This does not happen on the website from a browser on a PC.  I tried modifying fields in the advanced options but actually screwed up my browser settings so had to revert everything back.  Still experiencing the issues with the app.  And yes, same here, this was working at some point. After a PNC update to the app, the issue started occurring.  Hopefully, Last pass support can help here.



New Contributor

Same problem here.  The irritating thing is I can't even move back and forth from PNC to LastPass (1st to copy my username, then to copy my password).  Are you listening LastPass?

New Contributor

The same thing is happening with me except it happens in the Gmail app when I open a link in the Gmail browser and try to use auto fill there. It doesn't happen every single time, and it seems to coincide when I try to fill out the username myself and use auto fill for the password.
I've had to unteach my keyboard a password several times.

Also, I searched for a way to simply report a bug to last pass (not even receive help or a reply, just to let them know of this bug) and there seems to be no way. So I'm adding my experience to this thread in hopes that someone that can do something will see it.
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Same problem with TD Bank.
LastPass Contributor

Hi, thank you for the feedback! We're continuing to work on improving autofill on our mobile apps. I'll share this feedback with the development team. 

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Same here. Using Android (Pixel 7 Pro) Every financial app LastPass is filling the password into both the username and password fields. Please look into this. I opened a support case and it was sent to second tier support to review the logs.
LastPass Contributor

Hi @cmonster, thank you for the feedback.


We recently released an inline autofill feature, which we've heard is helping with filling more reliably. Can you try enabling this and letting us know if it helps? 


You can enable it by navigating to the hamburger menu at the top left corner, selecting Settings, selecting Autofill, and choosing to enable Inline autofill. Let me know if this helps.



New Contributor

The inline autofill feature didn't work for me, but I can now at least see that the data is being inserted in the wrong field.