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Autofills password in username field in PNC Mobile App

I'm using LastPass on Android, and using the LastPass app to autofill my password in the PNC Bank Mobile App. Even though I fill out the username by myself, and only need to use LastPass for the password field, the LastPass app fills out information over the username I just typed - but it fills out the password, not the username. This didn't always happen but happened I think with an update to the PNC app.

Is there a way the LastPass app could be changed to skip over a username field that has already been filled out?

Even better, is there a way it could be changed to correctly recognize the new way they're storing the username in the PNC app?

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New Contributor

I'm experiencing this on a wide number of apps and website. Amex, PNC, and even the LogMeIn website all have this issue of the password being filled into the username. I've tried all 3 fill methods in Android and still experience this.

I pay for last pass premium, so this is not acceptable.
New Contributor

Same problem here. I also pay for premium and am getting password filled in username. And worse, it is showing the password characters instead of hiding them as it would in the password field. For me this is with my local credit union app and some others as well.

So far I've seen several people have this problem but no solutions provided in 10 months. Please advise ASAP.

P.S. If it makes a difference, this is on an Android phone for me.