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Bug Report - Green screen of death

I've noticed recently that the iphone Authenticator app frequently freezes at the green screen 'your in!' stage - I'll log in via chrome and move to the app for 2-factor confirmation, and when I confirm 'yes it's me', the app shifts to 'you're in' but then doesn't clear back to the numbers screen.  Restarting the phone seems to be the only thing that reboots the app - curious if there's a way to clear the cache or otherwise force the app to restart (short of restarting the phone) - LastPass should also consider this a bug report.  Thanks.

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Re: Bug Report - Green screen of death

Hi @carrot26,


You could try force-quitting the app (not restarting your device, just force quitting the app itself) to see if that works. If that doesn't work, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app (be sure to make a cloud backup first before uninstalling/reinstalling: also doesn't work to fix this issue, please submit a bug report to our team with more specific details following the steps here:

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