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New Contributor

Bug report: iOS app; secure password generator, customize, options buttons not visible

Go to Generate a Secure Password > Customize.

The radio buttons for the four options (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols) are only partially visible on the right side of the screen and are not functional. It is not possible to toggle them on/off.

This worked prior to a recent iOS update but I can’t be certain exactly which version broke it.

LastPass 5.18.0
Build 09/11/2022 12:05
iOS 16.1.1
iPhone 12 mini

Functionality works perfectly with same LastPass version on iPad 5th Gen, iOS 15.6.1.

I’d attach a screenshot but I don’t know how to!

New Contributor

Further testing shows this occurs when iOS is set to display larger text.

(iOS 16.1.1)
Settings > Display & Brightness > [Display Zoom] View > Larger Text

Setting that to Default text size instead then means the radio buttons are fully visible and operational. So there is a workaround but it remains a bug.

This is the only app I’ve encountered that doesn’t fully support the larger text size. I prefer to use the larger text with my iPhone mini’s relatively small screen.

Thanks again.