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New Contributor

Can't login on Android App


I use, and always have used, LastPass only on my Android device; suddenly I can't login in my account anymore.

I tried to recover the account and create another Master Password, it worked and I tried to login via Browser using the new Master Password and logged in.

Still, in my app I get this error upon trying to log in:

"Password not valid and connection not present, use a wireless connection or Wi-Fi"

(I have the Italian version, i roughly translate the message).

My mobile data is on and working


Thanks for the help.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Can't login on Android App

Hi @Aure, welcome to the community.


Since you have confirmed that your new Master Password works on the desktop, could you please try uninstalling the app from your Android device and then reinstall it?


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Can't login on Android App

Hi Glenn/Aure, I'm experiencing the same problem. I have access to Lastpass on desktop, but I login to android app and it states "invalid password", I have no access to the passwords, but I have access to the menu for all settings.


I have:

  • uninstalled/reinstalled the android app
  • disabled lastpass authenticator app (as I thought the app login problem occurred when I turned on multifactor authentication)
  • recovered and reset my master password
  • removed and re-added my mobile device as a trusted device via desktop

Any assistance or guidance is greatly appreciated.