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Can't recover my master password on Android app



I tried to log in on the Android app with a fingerprint recently. It worked before, but the fingerprint touch sensor didn't prompt this time, so I needed to type in the master password that I forgot. I tried to recover it from "Forgot Master Password" (I haven't set up a password hint). However, I got an error message "Account recovery is not set for this email" after I entered my email. It's weird because I have used the account recovery function on the app before. How can I reset my Master Password now?? I don't set up one-time passwords either.

Active Contributor

I've been using this app for several years. I recently changed my master password. Although it accepts the new password on my mobile app and give me a green checkmark for success, it then immediately logs me out and gives me an error box saying "invalid password". I have tried and tried to get support for this issue but just get sent in circles on their website. 

New Contributor

I am experiencing this issue also! Seems to be a bug as I have always been able to recover the account just fine before now. Wonder if its been reserved for premium accounts only?

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I'm having the same a new phone & was prompted to sign-in but I forgot my master pw so I went back on my old phone which uses my fingerprint to unlock, got in, checked my settings & "Account recovery with biometrics" is activated but it's giving me the "account recovery not set up" error as well. SOOO ANGRY!
New Contributor

I have managed to create a new master password using the account recovery with fingerprint in an Android mobile phone. However, when I try to log in into my vault, it says I should verify my password and try again. I have typed several times, but nothing happens. Anyone could help with some tips. Thank you!

GoTo Manager

Hi @rdevai,


I reviewed your account and see that you successfully used account recovery, but after that, I only see failed sign-in attempts which means the new master password is not matching. Entering credentials through a touch keyboard can be tricky, I recommend:

  • Entering your email address in all lower case letters
  •  Typing out your new master password in a text app on your phone and then copying and pasting it in
  • You can also test your new master password by signing into your account directly on our website through a web browser


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Hi, @GlennD 

Much appreciated your reply. So, this is seems to be the issue. I can create my password, but cannot access the vault. 


I tried copying and pasting the pw and I also tried on a web browser with LP extension installed. I keep getting the message that the pw is incorrect. Any other suggestion? Thank you! 

New Contributor

Hi, @GlennD 


I guess you've seen my email or you may well be on holidays. I  wish I could find a way to access my vault, I'm really anxious about pws in there. Thank you!