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New Contributor

Check Access Settings

On my Android phone and tablet, I get a message that I need to check my access settings.  I go in and turn them off and back on and Lastpass works for a while.  After a week or two, I then will get the message again.  Any idea why this happens?  Thanks




New Contributor

I have the same issue on my Note 20. It happens about every 3 days. It started After the upgrade to Android 12.
LastPass Contributor

Hello, thank you for this feedback. These are Android System notifications that appear when legacy autofill is enabled. Legacy autofill provides the ability to autofill older apps that are not compatible with the latest autofill updates and relies on Android accessibility services to work. 


To turn off legacy autofill, please log in to your Android app and navigate to Settings>Autofill. Once on this screen, you can toggle off the Autofill option below the Legacy title. 


I hope this provides some clarity!


New Contributor

Unfortunately that does not fix the problem. I need legacy to use my bank app because the autofill does not pop up like it should. Instead I have to go to the notification bar and click the lastpass notification to fill. Really annoying but no other way since my wife and I have joint and seporate account. The joys of being married 25 years and needing more accounts than the bank offers per person/joint.
Active Contributor

I am having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra before the latest update to OneUI 4.1. Prior to the OneUI 4.1 upgrade, I was able to use the Legacy Autofill service without an issue. Now I have to turn if off and on again at least once a day or more in order to use the legacy autofill service to work on the apps. When the service gets shut off, the notification disappears as well.


I recently replaced my Note20 Ultra 5G with a S22 Ultra and have the same issue.

New Contributor

Yup the pop-up started recently. Acts like a text notification. Then turn off turn on
Works till the next time I need legacy mode for something. Super annoying.

Sad to here S22 is doing the same thing as I was planning to update to that in a few months.