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Detect Password Updates on iOS

Is it possible to have the iOS app auto detect when a password has been updated? On PC, if I type in a new password on a site, LastPass will ask if I want to update my stored password with whatever I typed in. On iOS, Apple Keychain will ask me, but is there a way to swap that with LastPass instead?

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Re: Detect Password Updates on iOS



Automatically saving/updating entries on the iOS app is not currently possible, due to a limitation in the iOS APIs. As soon as Apple adds the autocapture functionality, our developers will work to add this functionality in to the LastPass app as fast as possible.

For now, if a password is updated on your mobile device you would want to manually edit the entry in your Vault in the LastPass app. You will also want to make sure that in your phone's Settings app > Passwords > Autofill Passwords that LastPass has a check next to it and iCloud Keychain does not to be sure that LastPass is your default Autofill service.

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