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Get Lastpass Android to recognize custom browser

I work for an organization that develops some filtered browsers on Android. We have one based on Firefox and are working on one built with Chrome. Is there a way to get Lastpass to recognize that as a browser so that it suggests the right log ins for the websites that you open in these custom browsers. Does anyone know how to get LastPass to recognize these apps as browsers? 

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Re: Get Lastpass Android to recognize custom browser

Hello @brianjohnpenner,

The LastPass android app should treat custom browsers the same as the regular versions of those browsers, but it depends on the changes made in the custom browser.


While we aren't able to test all mobile browsers, the functionality of a custom browser comes down to if the LastPass app can access what this browser is doing and auto-fill in it. Most problems that custom browsers encounter is that they tend to have very strict privacy rules and thus the LastPass app is locked out and will not work with that custom browser.

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