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Help changing LastPass Autofill settings on Android

I want less notifications and pop ups when using Lastpass,browsing the Web and using Apps. But I want Lastpass to still log me in when needed I don't want Lastpass asking me if I want to save or update a password. I will do that manually. Under setting then Auto Fill I have the following enabled what can I Disable to get what I want? Android Oreo: autofill. Legacy: Autofill. Show autofill dialog: show Auto autofill notification. Advanced: Miscellaneous: Show fill helper for browsers and show fill helper bubble for apps. All of that is tuned on when can I Disable to get less pop ups but still have Lastpass work

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Re: Autofill help

Hi @cuse165,


Could you try disabling these options: "Show fill helper for browsers" and "Show fill helper bubble for apps," you can also try disabling the other options one by one to see if that has the desired effect as well. Please note that disabling autofill/the fill helper may stop LastPass from autofilling in to apps and sites, there may not be a specific option to only disable the option to ask if you'd like to save/update passwords.

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