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Help with Android LastPass app autologin options

(Newbie trialling LastPass)


Is there a way to remain logged-in with the Android LastPass app?


I don't want to have to key-in the master password every time I start the phone each day in order to start using the autofill facility.



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Re: Android LastPass app autologin



Yes, in the LastPass app, go to Settings > Security > and you can change the Lock Options and Auto Logout settings to your preference. The Lock Options settings determines how often you will need to unlock the LastPass app with biometrics/a pin code/your master password, and the Auto Logout setting will determine how often you will need to fully log in to the LastPass app again with your username and master password. For example, if you only wanted to have to use your fingerprint/biometrics to unlock the app every 24 hours, you would set "Lock Options" to 24 hours and Auto Logout to Never.


For more information on each of these options, please see here:

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