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Horrible experience on iPad

LastPass and Authenticator apps have exceptionally poor iPadOS support. Here is a list of the bugs I am experiencing so far, and the list just keeps growing:

* LastPass: Absolutely no integration into form filling for username / password text fields.

* Authenticator: The backup feature completely stopped working. Specifically, it raises a series of prompts to login and select an account in the LastPass application, which FAIL to complete the setup process.
* Authenticator: Rotates to portrait mode and back to landscape on every launch, when using the iPad in landscape orientation, such as with a keyboard case.

* Authenticator: The support feedback contact menu complains that it is unable to submit bug reports.

I am using the latest stable releases for LastPass, Authenticator, and iPadOS.

I've been a paying LastPass subscriber for a number of years. But the lack of support for iPad is enough of a pain that I am considering switching both password management and 2FA to other services. There's not even a public support email address anymore to report all these glitches, so notifying LastPass of the errors involves jumping through a lot of unnecessary hoops.

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Re: Horrible experience on iPad

Hi @mcandre,


Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then reinstalling to see if it fixes these issues? 

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Horrible experience on iPad

I agree, as a paying subscriber I too may switch. I also have the problem of not be able to save password entry changes because the save button is hidden off the window when using stage manager on iOS 16.2.

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Re: Horrible experience on iPad

I am also experiencing problems when using stage manager on my iPad Pro M1. You cannot see the Add button to be able to add a new password in the LastPass manager app. Have to turn off stage manager, reopen LastPass, and add the new password. Then I have to re-enable stage manager…