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How to access Multifactor Options on Android

I have enabled several Lastpass multifactor options since I have three different systems, all of which are different from the other and have limitations for which MFA I can use, or not use. 


What I'm having issue with is two fold;

1) When I sign on to Lastpass I am not given a list of enabled MFA options to use depending on which system I am utilizing.


2) I cannot find access to Lastpass MFA options on my android phone.  

      this is what prompted the query & is my priority question

I have looked for instructions on how to access this page, but nothing listed anywhere.

I have gone through every single menu tab listed to find access and nothing is showing.


I would like to use biometrics to sign in using phone, and biometrics or security key to sign into a newer PC, and either no MFA on an older PC and if no MFA isn't an option, then push code to phone options.


As it is, I have enabled all of those three, but I am only given the option to use security key when signing in to Lastpass from all three systems.  This is very frustrating!


Thank you for any help or direction



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Re: How to access Multifactor Options on Android

Hi euntak, thank you for the feedback. 


To set up multi-factor authentication, you'll need to visit Account Settings in your LastPass Vault on a desktop. There, you can select which multi-factor authentication you want to enable. Please find additional instructions here: