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I need to stop lastpass from offering to autofill on an Android app

Hi.  I've been using lastpass for some time now, but I've hit a problem with an Android app called "Chairgun"  This app is designed for recreational, field and target shooting.  It requires the user to enter details for zero and target distances, pellet weights, muzzle velocity, wind speed, temperature, elevation and so on.  It them provides ballistic calculations to enable the shooter to adjust their sighting according to the conditions.  Unfortunately lastpass pops up offering to save passwords on every one of these windows which is not only pointless as they don't contain passwords, but bloody annoying as it makes the app difficult to use.  I've tried to turn off autofill for this app in settings / autofill / adanced / app settings, but nothing seems to work.  

I doubt very much if many other latpass users will have this particular app on their phones and as I work in I.T. I'm very sceptical about the likelyhood of any of the app developers actually dealing with the problem themselves which is why they pass the buck by creating a community forum.  I hope the NHS doesn't follow this trend or we'll all end up waiting in the doctors surgery for a medical assesment by another patient.    


If somebody can prove me wrong and cure my sceptcism, I'd be very grateful to hear from you.  
Many thanks,  Alan (Grumpy old man) 

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: I need to stop lastpass from offering to autofill on an Android app

Hi @alansurry,


If you've already tried turning off autofill for the app in the LastPass settings, this may be a bug. So that our team can gather more specific details, could you submit a bug report to our team following the steps outlined here?

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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