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IOS: Cached login info after logging into Microsoft Authenticator with LastPass

On an iPhone XR (this issue has been seen with all flavors of iOS 13 and is also happening on iOS 14): I am using Outlook to access my company email (via site: which is connected via Microsoft InTune so the connection and data is encrypted on my device. When I need to log into Outlook, it brings up Microsoft Authenticator  to enter my Password, where I use LastPass to fill in the information. I have to select LastPass twice before the password is populated in this app (e.g. where it says "for - LastPass <username>").

After I do this, my Outlook login information is stuck in a cache somewhere and the username and password for my Outlook account is automatically populated when I need to provide a user name/password for a page in Safari or another App regardless of the domain or company. It also pre-populates the Outlook password if I am using my phone to enter a password on Apple TV using the TV Remote app.

Has anyone else seen this issue or one like it?