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LastPass Contributor

Invitation to LastPass Mobile Authenticator Beta (iOS)

Hello LastPass Community.


We have recently launched a beta for the LastPass Mobile Authenticator Application (iOS). We would love for you to join our beta so that we could hear your thoughts on the application each time before it is released to the wider public. If you would like to join our beta then please follow these steps:


1) Open the App Store application on your mobile device;

2) Search for the TestFlight application;

3) Download and install the TestFlight application;

4) Click on this link:

5) You should now see the LastPass Mobile Authenticator Application (iOS) in the TestFlight application.

6) Follow the welcome guide;


Feedback can be sent to our developers by selecting the the LastPass Mobile Authenticator Application (iOS) in the TestFlight application (Do not select 'Open'). Once selected you will see an option to 'Send Beta Feedback'.