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New Contributor

Issue with auto fill matched sites on Android

Hi, I have an issue that's been bugging me for a while now.


What is odd is that I can fix it temporarily, but it always comes back.


So my original issue is that when I open my banking app, I get password suggestions from my bank, but also from Facebook.

So, I opened the settings of LastPass and went to "AutoFill" -> "App Settings" -> (Search for my bank app and click on it) -> in the box that appears there is a list of websites including some from my bank, but also the Facebook url, I remove it from that list and save. When I go back to my banking app, everything is fine, I only see the passwords from my bank.

The problem is that this list of website is reset a couple days later, Facebook always comes back in the list...

My banking app is: "RBC Mobile"
The urls are ",,"

Any Idea on how I could fix that?

I tried going into the web vault, but I don't find anything about that, it seems like a mobile app setting.