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LP Fills In Password But Not Userid

So, for the past month or so, LP has been filling in my password but not my userid on one of my phone's apps. I used to be able to tap the userid field and LP would put up a box asking for me to confirm the matching app info. After asking for my pin code, it would then fill in the userid and password. Now, when I tap the userid field, I get nothing. When I tap the password field, it does the correct routine and fills in the password (but not the userid).

It's as if LP recognizes the app's displayed password field but not the userid field. Does this make sense to anyone?



Android 11, app is First Florida Integrity Bank


By the way, I can't find a way to change my screen name "Steve20A" to something else. Any pointers? TIA.

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Re: LP Fills In Password But Not Userid

Hi @Steve-in-FL,


Is this happening on all apps or just the Bank app you mentioned? The app creator may have updated the app and LastPass' autofill may not work to autofill the username in the app any longer. Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then making sure Autofill is enabled and trying again? 


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Re: LP Fills In Password But Not Userid



<<Is this happening on all apps or just the Bank app you mentioned? >> So far, only the one banking app.


However, I noticed on the web site for The Guardian newspaper (, it fills in my userid (first screen), then when I hit enter, the password entry screen is displayed, but the Android Chrome browser app immediately closes. I can't promise that this is specifically LP, but it is a screen where I expect LP to pop up. But the Chrome browser closes before LP does anything obvious.


I did some further testing and the Guardian web site works fine if I get a single page for both the userid and the password. LP works as it should. There is something odd going on when the login is split over the two screens (which seems to happen when I am not logged on and I try to read an article, as opposed to just straight signing on before I do anything else.) Everything works fine in the Windows PC Chrome browser.

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Re: LP Fills In Password But Not Userid

And, today, The Guardian web site works correctly. No changes on my side, so maybe their site was changed overnight.