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New Contributor

LastPass Authenticator Passwordless Access and Apple Watch

I was enjoying Passwordless access to LastPass by approving on Apple Watch.  Then I upgraded to an iPhone 14 Pro Max and an Apple Watch Ultra.  This functionality no longer works for me.  When I click on "Log In with Authenticator" on the LP extension on my PC, the Apple Watch asks me if I want to approve, just like it did before.  However, when I click "Accept" on the Watch, it no longer logs me in.  I had a theory that this might be due to the "always on" display on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so I turned off banner notifications for both Authenticator and LastPass, and Apple Watch authentication started working for a while, but then stopped again.  I'm wondering if others have seen this pattern and if so, whether LP is aware and working on it.  Being able to authorize via the Apple Watch is very nice, when it works.  I do see the other threads suggesting that this functionality has been inconsistent in the past, and I agree it would be very nice to have an actual Authenticator Apple Watch app.

Thank you.