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LastPass Mobile tiny PIN buttons?

Hey, the PIN option for logging into LastPass Mobile is cool, but is there any way to enlarge the buttons? They are very small for this purpose. And see what Google/Android does instead, which is so much easier to use. Is there any way to fix this or send this feedback to someone at LastPass who will read it?


Signed, Fat Fingers in Seattle



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Re: LastPass Mobile tiny PIN buttons?

Hi @kharrang,


I've asked our team and currently there isn't a way to change the size of the PIN icons/numbers when unlocking the LastPass app, I have passed this feedback along to the team as well to see if there could be an option added to change the size/type of buttons when using a PIN in the LastPass app in the future. 

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: LastPass Mobile tiny PIN buttons?

Thanks, RachelO, for the good reply (if not what I was hoping).


My suspicion is this is an example of what you get with young programmers who have perfect close vision and very dexterous fingers (plus limited real world user testing).



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Re: LastPass Mobile tiny PIN buttons?

Thanks for the reply. I also want to know how to enlarge the buttons.