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LastPass Vault Empty on iOS, but not on PC

The LastPass (4.8.10) vault on my iPhone (iOS 14.1) is empty .


When I select an item in the vault, all I can see is the URL - no username, no password, name of entry, etc. See below:


Lastpass Vault.jpg


However, LastPass works fine on my PC (Chrome). So there seems to be vault corruption issue on the iPhone only.


A few weeks ago I changed the Password iterations in order to get rid of the "Please update your master password" prompt. I suspect this contributed somehow... 


I have tried:

  • Logging out and logging back in
  • Deleting & reinstalling the app
  • Settings > Actions > Clear LastPass Cache
  • Settings > Actions > Refresh Vault

I am very aware of this unhelpful article which suggests reverting back to the earlier Master Password, but I really don't want to have to do this, especially since everything works fine on my PC:


The number of other posting very similar issues on this forum and receiving no help is very concerning. I'm really just posting here to add to the public chorus of people frustrated with this.


I've also sent a support ticket to LogMeIn.

New Contributor

Re: LastPass Vault Empty on iOS, but not on PC

Just an FYI:

Lastpass ended up reverting the iterations on my passwords back to what it was before to fix this.

I was required to send LastPass a variety of semi-sensitive information proving I was the owner, which was a bit unsettling. 

New Contributor

Re: LastPass Vault Empty on iOS, but not on PC

Another update:


When LastPass staff reverted things back, it meant I have now lost any new passwords or changes made since that version. And they did this without warning me in advance when they made the change. 


Great, thanks.