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LastPass app keeps asking for master password

As a 1password user, the one thing I prefer about that app vs Lastpass is the duration of Touch ID for the iOS app.


There should be a setting to retain Touch ID until the phone reboots. I find I'm entering my master password WAY too often on the Lastpass iOS app. I understand requiring the master password when the phone reboots (just like a secure iOS implementation requires the login password rather than touch ID after a reboot), but to ask me to type in my master password multiple times per day is a deal-breaker.


I have looked in the app settings extensively and haven't seen the setting to allow this behavior.

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Re: iOS touch ID duration

Check your Settings: Security: Auto Logout value. Something somewhere isn't set correctly as I use the iOS on multiple iPhones and iPads and very very rarely have to log in other than after a reboot. Just touch my finger or Face ID depending on which device. It works exactly as you describe wanting it to work.

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Re: iOS touch ID duration

Thanks @JayMeIn - that's what I was looking for. Seems like setting "auto logout" to "never" did the trick. I will try to close this.

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Re: iOS touch ID duration

Ok - maybe this is a bug. I've got "auto logout" set to NEVER, but I've had to enter my master password multiple times already today.

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Re: iOS touch ID duration



Could you double check these settings in the LastPass app? 


In the LastPass app, go to Settings > Security > adjust the Lock Options and Auto Logout settings (and make sure the Log Out on Close option is also turned off.) The Lock Options setting is how often you'd like to have the LastPass app require Face ID/PIN code/Touch ID verification, and the Auto Logout setting is how often the LastPass app will fully log out and require the master password to log in. For example, if you only want to have to use biometrics to unlock the LastPass app, you would set Auto Logout to Never and change the Lock Options to your desired time period--for example, you can set Lock Options to 24 hours to be prompted for biometric authentication every 24 hours.


If these settings are set correctly as explained above, we would recommend uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device, then reinstalling and re-enabling the above settings to your preference to see if that resolves this issue.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: iOS touch ID duration

Thanks: @RachelO's answer solves the immediate problem, how to avoid excessive requests for the master password on iOS.

But if this is the only possibility, it indicates with shortcomings with LastPass's authentication strategy.

Put another way: here's what I, and I think many users including the OP, want. I cannot see how to configure it using Rach up ofrlO's answer. If it can be configured, please tell me how.

After I have used LastPass, and left it open (example timeout values):

* < 2 minutes: for a short time I don't want to have to do anything more to reauthentication. I want to be able to return to LastPass after going away with,, and not have to type a password or fingerprint


* 2 minutes - 8 hours: I want to be able to reauthentication using TouchID/fingerprint. IEI want the LastPass's out to lock. I didn't


* > 8 hours: I want the LastPass's out to be automatically logged out. I want to be required to reenter my master password


Also: if I close the LastPass app, which I assume means from the iOS perspective, I want to be required to reenter my master password. This gives me a way of requiring the master password before the long timeout of 8 hours is up.


I do not see how to do this.


OK: I can set the lock timeout to 3 minutes (not 2 minutes, but that's good enough) and I can use TouchID after that time out.


BAD: but the maximum value for auto logout is 1 minute. Therefore it seems that I must set autologout to Never as RachelO says.


OK: at least "logout on close" does what I want. I think. I am not sure exactly what "close" is. But it seems to work.


Similarly, what is the difference between "lock" and "skip reprompt after logging in"? Does unlocking using TouchID/fingerprint amounto logging in? I.e. is TouchID/fingrprint just unlock, and a password is a full log in?