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LastPass iOS opens without a password prompt contrary to my settings sometimes


I use LastPass on my iPhone 7 since 2 years.
Around the Update to iOS 15, sometimes when opening the LastPass app, it is aleady logged contrary to the settings i chose.
Normally I must enter my Master Password. Touch ID normally only works when I have already entered my Master Password in the last 8 hours and had closed the app.
My settings:
Use Touch ID: On
Use Pin: Off and greyed out.
Lock Options: Immediately
Skip reprompt: 20min
Auto Logout: 8 hours
Clear Clipboard: 30s
All below are off except Remember E-Mail: On

It seems my iPhone forgets to autologgout sometimes. I constantly use Battery Saver and don‘t turn it off in the night. I don't believe it's a user mistake.

Would gladly appreciate a response.
Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: LastPass iOS opens without a password prompt contrary to my settings sometimes

Hi @Ustezhklet,


According to the settings you've posted, your LastPass app locks immediately and will then require you to use TouchID to unlock the app (not using your master password, as only Logging out of the app will require you to log back in with your master password.) If you want to be required to enter your master password every time you open the app, you'll need to change the Auto Logout option to choose how soon LastPass logs out (after not using the app for a designated amount of time).


For more information on what each of these settings controls please see this support article:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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