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LastPass mobile app bugs (after last update) - Please fix it!

Hey LastPass team, didn't find any other place where I can report bugs which influence on UX of your users. 

Those bugs appeared after last update where you improve UI which is cool, but some new critical bugs appears.  I have iOS 16.6. 

Bug #1
when I type in search field and then tap for a line to open information inside it - app doesn't react. Tap animation passing through but nothing happens. When I find this line through the hole list off notes and passwords and tap, then it opens new options for interaction.

Bug #2
When I type in search field and then click "x" to delete all text it doesn't reac as well. So I need to reload my app and search again. 

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Re: LastPass mobile app bugs (after last update) - Please fix it!

Adding to this list, iOS 16.6.1, app version 6.0.0 from 9/7/2023.

The vault fonts seem to be mixed.  The entry font is tiny.  The username is larger and highlighted.  I don't care about the username/pw until I figure out which account I am addressing.


Settings don't seem to have anything related to fonts/display within the app.

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Re: LastPass mobile app bugs (after last update) - Please fix it!

I have noticed another IOS bug in addition to #1 on the original post, but this one appears much more critical.


I have three bank accounts listed under the same bank name. Their information (username/password/note) are correct on the browser app, but the mapping between the display names in the vault and the details have become scrambled when viewed in iOS  6.0.0 update.  More specifically, when I click on the 'username' displayed prominently in the default vault screen, it takes me to the username/password/note of a different account.  It somewhat lucky that bug 1 from the OP exists, as I can no longer click through and load the account information in my banking app.  If I did that, it would be populating the wrong information, and my bank account would probably lock me out.  Both of these represent critical use failures in the new IOS version. Please fix.