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LastPass will not stay logged in iOS

In iOS version 15.1.1 with
LastPass app version 5.5.0

I’m experiencing recent problems where the app will not stay logged in. I have it set to never log me out and to NOT log me out when closed. However it logs me out every time it closes. It also logs out sporadically other times. I originally had logout set for 8 hours. This also didn’t work. It logged me out after minutes.

Along with this, when the app is used from in browser via safari, it often requires login repeatedly now too, although the app is already logged in and running.

This recently became a problem somewhere in the December 2021 timeframe.
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Re: LastPass will not stay logged in iOS

It's happening to others too.


There is a workaround in this thread, but it is not ideal. I really hope LastPass get this sorted asap.


LasPass iOS app constantly logging me out and aski... - LogMeIn Community

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Re: LastPass will not stay logged in iOS

Thanks. I didn’t find this one when searching earlier!
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Re: LastPass will not stay logged in iOS

Glad I found this thread.  I’ve been having this same problem for over 3 months now.  I’ve been in contact with support and sent numerous diagnostic logs to them and still not resolved.  All they keep saying is their engineering team is working on it.  It is beyond frustrating now and I will likely be moving  to another PW manager when my subscription ends next month, unless they miraculously come up with a fix.  Any suggestions on a new PW manager?