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Lastpass app not filling username in Simplii Financial app

Hello, I'm using the Lastpass Android app (v. When I open Simplii Financial, it will offer to fill the password field but not the username field.

Using a browser to access the Simplii website, it will correctly fill both. Just not in the app.


Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this? In an app, how does Lastpass Mobile decide which fields to fill?

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Android Lastpass app not filling username in Simplii Financial



This may be due to how the app itself is coded and outside of LastPass' control. You could try making sure the URL field for the site's entry in your LastPass Vault has the URL to the Simplii Financial homepage (instead of a more specific page, like would be preferable) to see if that resolves the issue, otherwise it is most likely an issue with how the app is coded which isn't compatible with LastPass autofill. 

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