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Link site to app

I'm a mobile developer trying to link our iOS app to our website. For most sites/apps, Lastpass will filter your list of passwords to the ones that match the app you're trying to log into. For example, if you have a password for, if you open up the iOS app, the list of passwords will be filtered to the one for


Our app does not filter. When we tap the password field, all available passwords show up and we have to navigate to the password for our website to autofill. We would like this to work like it does for other app/site combos.


I have already deployed the app association file to my website and added the Entitlements to the app (applinks and webcredentials) but it still doesn't work. Any thoughts?

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Re: Link site to app

Hi @jerodmotley,


Currently we only have this information available to make sure your site works with LastPass, which may or may not help with your specific app autofill question:


We would also recommend making sure to follow Apple's developer guide here as well as it provides more insight and specific steps to take for your app:

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Re: Link site to app

Our site works fine. It's the app that has the issue. Autofill works, but when you open LastPass you have to navigate to the password. It doesn't automatically go to the site's password.