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New Contributor

Master Password suddenly not working

Hello, I’m in desperate need of help. I went to log in to Lastpass last night and for whatever reason, my master password isn’t working. Now, I haven’t had to manually enter a password in a long time as I have Face ID set up, but that option doesn’t seem to be there anymore! I changed my password recently (a few months ago) due to the data breach, and decided to use a strong password created by my iPhone (and it is saved in my keychain). My phone wants to autofill the master password but it keeps saying incorrect.

My hint is of no use because (stupidly) I didn’t change that when I updated my password. I also can’t recover my account because it’s saying there is no browser extension set up (I’ve only ever used the Lastpass app on my iPhone, for years, never any issues).

My iPhone (iPhone 11) recently updated as well to iOS 16.4.1 🤷‍♀️

Logging in has never given me any issues, I just open the app, Face ID pops up and away I go!
Please help 😭