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No Autofill or Quick Settings shortcut on Android app

I've used last pass for over a decade.


App no longer works on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 6S - Android 10


No Auto fill.


No Quick settings shortcut button. (Just disappeared)


Online Support page won't accept input. 


Logmein wants me to download yet another app before I can get support thru them.  (They are why I am no longer a premium member)


Can't start support ticket.


App keeps asking for permission to display over other apps when it has already been granted.


Tried Uninstall - Reinstall  (cleared data and cache) No joy


I CAN open my Vault from the app (, copy, paste, erase clipboard, close Vault....)

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Re: App no longer functions

First things mentioned by OP also a problem for me on iPad Pro, iPadOS 14.3.
None of your suggested solutions work.
I just renewed my Premium in October, but I'm becoming angry enough about this to chuck LastPass.
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Re: App no longer functions



Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, restarting your device (this is a required step) then reinstalling and making sure LastPass is set as your autofill preference to see if it resolves these issues?

To create a ticket for the LastPass support team, please scroll down on this page and click Contact Support to open a ticket with Support:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: App no longer functions

Second attempt at uninstalling - reinstalling worked, probably because I followed your instructions exactly, instead of just winging it on instinct. 😊 Thank you. 😘

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Re: No Autofill or Quick Settings shortcut on Android app

Hi... I have the same issue whereby the app constantly nags me to enable display over other apps. I have definitely allowed this permission, and removing/reinstalling LP and rebooting the phone.

I'm using a brand new Poco F3 running Android 11 and the latest MIUI 12.03 global ROM. I also have new Mi11 phones and there's no issue with LP.

Hope someone provides support for this issue.