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No push notifications; LastPass Authenticator

Previously received push notifications; no longer receive push notifications.  Authenticator works as a 2FA, but no push notifications.


Authenticator: LastPassMFA


iPhone: iOS ver 15.3.1



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GoTo Manager

Re: No push notifications; LastPass Authenticator

Hi @kdfgn,


Sorry for the frustration. We are in the process of releasing an update and you should see it available in the next 48 hours (it's in review with Apple currently). Once you have installed the next update please let us know if the issue you are experiencing is resolved.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: No push notifications; LastPass Authenticator

Ive updated the app, reinstalled authenticator, backup then restored, and also tried disabled and re-enabled lastpass MFA from account settings but still cannot get notifications to work (yes I double checked notification settings on my iphone as well). Am I missing something here? 


Only other step I can think to try is to "re-pair" my authenticator app after doing the disable re-enroll cycle from account settings. It shows I have a mobile app successfully paired already. If I click 'edit' and 'start pairing again' it notifies, "Codes will stop working for the authenticator app currently paired with your account." I do not want my codes to stop working even if I restore from a backup though. Any suggestions? Thanks