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Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

LastPass autofill doesn't work with my preferred browser on Android - Vivaldi Browser.

This apparently works in BitWarden, but not LastPass. The discussion in the Vivaldi forums point to LastPass to help add this:


Any chance you could work with the Vivaldi devs to resolve this?

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Hey @RachelO 


Are there any updates from the dev team regarding adding support for Vivaldi browser?

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Apparently not; and given that Brave Beta still has the same issue after several years, I'm not expecting a fix any time soon.

This highlights one of the many downsides of reliance on proprietary software with closed code. Such reliance is something I have generally tried to avoid for the last 25 years, but at the time I decided on LastPass as our family's password management solution, it was essentially no contest, given our diverse set of requirements. The leading open source alternative at the time was a usability nightmare.

The password management landscape has changed in the last few years, however. Other providers have made great strides; and conversely, Logmein have rested on their laurels and allowed LastPass to languish. On Android in particular, where autofill failure used to be the exception rather than the rule, failure to fill fields in some app or other is now quite commonplace.

This steady decline in quality, combined with the inability to ever autofill web site passwords in Vivaldi on Android, has caused me to reassess our attachment to LastPass. Migrating to another password management system is a huge step for us — I can't think of any other piece of software on which we, six of us, rely so heavily — but at this point, I feel we have little choice.

The utility of LastPass is decreasing over time, other solutions are improving, and if the trend continues, the point will arrive — or may already have arrived — that it is no longer the best product for us to use.

With that thought in mind, I spent a few hours over the weekend installing Bitwarden and importing all of my personal LastPass data to it. This is a lot of data, somewhere in the region of 600 passwords and several dozen secure notes, some of which have attachments, multiple credit card entries and form fills. In addition, I make heavy use of 2FA, using both software and hardware tokens.

Any candidate replacement system is at a disadvantage to LastPass: It must possess an infallible import facility. How good LastPass's import might be is of no relevance to me. Well, Bitwarden passed the import test with flying colours.

And so far, the subsequent experience has been mostly positive. LastPass does a few things better than Bitwarden, but the latter also does quite a few things better than the former. Each has its idiosyncrasies, but nothing in Bitwarden has been a deal-breaker so far, and I have enough hours invested in it now to have delved into its many dimly lit nooks and crannies and satisfied myself that all major areas of usability are at least adequately covered.

In addition, Bitwarden is open source. As an illustration of a real-world benefit of this, I note that the GitHub issue that requested Vivaldi be added to the list of browsers supporting autofill was fulfilled and closed the same day that it was opened. That's compelling. In itself, it's not reason enough to consider such an invasive migration, but in combination with the other factors I've mentioned, it adds to the body of evidence suggesting that a switch might be in our best interests.

Our annual LastPass subscription auto-renewed a month ago, so I can afford to run LastPass and Bitwarden side by side for as long as I see value in so doing, but I can already see the scales tipping in favour of Bitwarden unless Logmein rapidly show a renewed commitment to their product.
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Hello @J-N,


Currently we do not have any news from the development team about additional browser support for Vivaldi or Brave to share. Once we do have an update or add support for additional browsers we will be sure to note this on the Release Notes page as well.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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I also want to upvote this feature request. Vivaldi has an open feature request as well. Please sort this out or I might need to try a different password manager that can support this browser. Appreciate all the hardwork and the great services you provide!

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Another Vivaldi user here, waiting for LastPass update that will work correctly with Vivaldi Browser on Android. Actually I also started thinking about switching to different password manager, because how useful is password manager when it doesn't work with the browser of my choice? Especially when the fix is supposed to be pretty easy (as we saw with BitWarden as mentioned earlier).


You don't need to "officially support" another browser. Just make it work, please.

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Please fix the Autofill to work with Vivaldi on Android. It's incredibly frustrating that it doesn't work. Found out today that Bitwarden supports Vivaldi on Android. Hoping LastPass will follow suit and implement a fix very soon. Please reach out to Vivaldi if needed, apparently Vivaldi has tried to reach out to LastPass, but LP hasn't been receptive which is disappointing. My patience is running a bit thin with this problem now. Please Fix.
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I find it quite annoying that this non-answer was marked as an "accepted solution" outside my control.


As has been pointed out by many people here, the problem seems to be that LastPass treats Vivaldi as an app (i.e. associates all websites to the same domain) instead of using the actual URL of the current website.


With Vivaldi being Chromium-based and the Vivaldi devs actively trying to work with LastPass to make this work, I can't imagine this being terribly complicated to resolve.

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This thread is 10 months old, which is hardly grounds for optimism. Even if you're generously willing to grant LogMeIn the benefit of the doubt, be aware that the same issue still isn't fixed for Brave Beta, and LMI have had years already to remedy this.


The inescapable reality is that LMI are not driven to support browsers with a relatively tiny market share. You can debate the relative business merits of this stance, but that it is the company's (de facto) stance seems undeniable at this stage.


In fact, if you look at LastPass over the last couple of years, it's hard to reach a conclusion other than that LastPass development (on Android, at least) has stagnated and bitrot has set in. This is observable in the number of instances of LastPass mysteriously failing to fill log-in fields on Android having risen dramatically, to the point that the tool performing its core duties correctly is now a rather hit-or-miss affair.


All of which caused me to do a thorough re-evaluation of all of the current solutions available towards the end of last year and reach the lamentable conclusion that LastPass was no longer the best option for my family's set of requirements.


After a thorough and successful trial of Bitwarden, I have moved all of our family's data to that platform and haven't looked back. It has proven vastly more reliable than LastPass on Android, Windows and Linux, and has some very nice features, such as built-in TOTP generation for 2FA (so no separate app like LastPass Authenticator or Authy required any more) and regular expression matching.


Conversely, I have found only one useful feature in LastPass that is missing from Bitwarden, namely the ability to force re-entry of the master password for extremely sensitive sites. This is on Bitwarden's to-do list.


I certainly couldn't make the claim that Bitwarden is the best solution for anyone else, because that depends entirely on your particular requirements, but I can state with a high degree of confidence that you should be re-evaluating the current field of password management solutions and not relying on LMI to make a move. They have had ample time to remedy this and other issues already.


LastPass is observably yielding diminishing returns over time.

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The thread is just two months old (started November 3, not March 11 :)), but you have convinced me to give Bitwarden a spin 🙂
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Indeed. The American date format tricked me.